Monday, April 22, 2013

NERETVA RIVER DAY - is there a such a thing, do we need such a day !?

When will this nation of indifferent scholars and ethnically hypnotized drones establish "NERETVA RIVER DAY" !?

Republic of Srpska, Kalinovik Municipality - EFT's HE (HPP) "Ulog" as part of HPP System "Upper Neretva" planed and already under construction will destroy entire downstream undisturbed stretch of the Neretva and its canyons, all the way to Konjic via Glavatičevo.

EFT company from Belgrade and local Kalinovik policemen using illegal force to stop journalist and activist who wish to encroach on EFT's "Ulog" HE (HPP) and Dam construction site in the Neretva river canyon, which was undisturbed for at least 5 million years, and marked by WWF as one of Balkans most valuable and richest stretch of any rivers in the South-East Europe !

In the following video you can watch Didrik Johnck nice reportage about the Neretva river, but not without witnessing its dark side. Tim Clancy who featured as presenter was attacked by local bullies and "site security" somewhere near the Neretva, as it appeared in video. He later clarified that what you can see at the end of this video wasn't attack, and wasn't happened on the Neretva but on some of the Neretva tributaries. Although clip is too short and incident is visible for just few short moments at the end, it certainly sounds like sort of confrontation and quarrel when individuals in video requested from the TV crew "permit" for shooting which craw refused to accept as reasonable request let a lone to show one, which after all they didn't had nor needed. Attack certainly doesn't always happen to be physical, and in this case I meant it was rather verbal, especially since I had in mind recent similar problems on the Neretva, on the road digging through canyon between villages Nedavići and Ljusići near Ulog, where BHT1 crew, while visiting HPP "Ulog" construction site in attempt to record this utter devastation, was confronted by supposed construction site security and even local police requesting some special kind of "permits" for shooting, which TV craw doesn't need (special or not) on public land.  All this lead me to erroneously conclude it's same kind of situation at exactly the same spot. 
Watch this video clip from the beginning till the end, and then search for rest of the series of videos made by these guys - Didrik Johnck and Richard Bangs together produced amazing WEB SERIES called "Expedition Bosnia, Richard Bangs Adventures", where you can find episodes about the Neretva and perils that this amazing river faces today more then ever before !

Vuk Hamović ("Novac meni, slava drugima") and his EFT's child company HE "Ulog" will by damming the Upper Neretva river destroy last stretch, about 90 kilometers from source to Konjic town, of this amazing river and its virginal fresh, cold and potable waters, as well as four (4) critically endangered endemic trout species (marble trout, softmouth trout, dentex trout and brown trout of Adriatic lineage) forever.

Federation of BiH, Konjic Municipality - three (3) planed HPP of HPP System "Upper Neretva" would deluge entire canyon of the Neretva form Glavatičevo upstream to entity border near Krupac Springs !




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